Special Equipment

Automatic Love Chair

Japanese import with magnetic stone function which makes two people sit on the Adult Fun Chair effortlessly. Only one click can start the swinging and get fun beyond you expectation. Room Type:Dubai Suite、Starry Night Suite (designated rooms)

Wings of Angel

Won the first price in German Adult Product Expo. The hanging rings are beyond imagination and give you much fantasy. Which make your partner change positions freely to achieve the best experience ever. Room Type : Arabic Suite (designated rooms). Lovely En SUITE (designated rooms). Egyptian Fantasy Suite (designated rooms).


Wild Pony

For the benefit of intimacy as well as working out. Multfunctional. Room Type : Swimming Pool Style. Hawaii Suite (designated rooms). Love at Bali Suite (designated rooms). Leisure and Grace Suite (designated rooms). Heart of the Ocean Suite (designated rooms). Provence Suite (designated rooms). Sex and the City Suite (designated rooms).

Compulsory Water Drainage System in Jacuzzi

To meet the highest standard of bathroom hygiene and cleanness for our customer, we spend money fitting compulsury water drainage system in jacuzzi. Each Jacuzzi is fitted with sensor. The remaining water will be drained via the pipe under Jacuzzi by motored water drainage system 3 minutes after the water level falls below the sensor. This is to ensure the water quality for the next user. Please be kindly reminded to turn the tap to refill and drain off water after used of Jacuzzi. When automatic drainage takes place, it is compulsory drainage carried out by system, which is normal. Please do not panic.


HD Blue-ray Movie, Online Game

Unparalleled motel in Taiwan with newest video and audio equipment, IMORE is ahead of other competitors to have HD blue-ray classic move, online games, and multi-functional office operation system in order to make our distinct guests enjoy the audio and video effect and fun of mobile office. Please refer to the manual of TV system on the desk.