Swimming Pool Suite2

Short Stay NTD$2500 Overnight NTD$6800

[Room Facilities]

Branded In dividual Relaxation Bed
Room Space of 30 Pings
Starry Painting
Imported Sofa Set of High Quality
46-inch full HD Liquid Chrystal TV
VOD Video and Audio Entertainment System
Online game
Blue-ray Movies
Blue-ray DVD player/DVD palyer
5.1 Stereo Surrounding Sound Effect
Wireless broadband
Top Quality Relaxation Massage Chair
Individul Swimming Pool
SPA Spout
Bathroom TV
Negative Air lons Hot Spring
Infrared Sauna Room
Aroma Steam Chest
Jacuzzi with Bubble
High Qualiyt Scented Bath Products
Free Snacks and Drinks
Individual Air-Conditioner. Fresh Air Circulation
Air CIRCULATION O3 Air Purifier